Leasing & Financing Options

Prairie Turf Equipment utilizes the expertise of numerous Industry-leading lenders and equipment leasing partners.  We specialize in providing payment streams that match your business’s cash flow over the course of the year.  Terms of 1-5 years, with a variety of payment options, splits, skips etc… are available with ease.  Our ability to set up lease and finance contracts for new and used equipment makes it easy to acquire machinery, any time of the year, most often with zero down.  We offer solutions for providing the best interest rates on both new and used equipment in our industry.

We shop the market for the best rates, most suitable terms, and the best end of term options.  There is no need to “go to the bank” when we can line this all up for you, while keeping your credit/cash flow at the bank available for your other potential needs.

Let us arrange your leasing and financing solutions for you today!